When does winter season start and end?

Winter season training starts 1st February and ends at the end of September

When does summer season start and end?

Summer season starts 1st October and end 30th November

Do you have any holiday clinics during the season?

Yes normally the first week of July. We advertise it always before the time.

Does the club have a facebook page?

Yes we do just type in Dainfern Lions Football Club and like our page

Do you have a twitter handle?

Yes @dainfernlions

What times do the age groups practice?

Visit our website www.dainfernlions.co.za and click on times and schedules to see

When do the kids play matches and are they all at home?

Up to under 7, no matches are played as the kids are still too young however from under 8 the age groups are entered into the Rand Central Football League and depending on the age groups matches are played either on Saturday or Sunday morning at home and away.

When will we know where and when they are playing?

The RCLFA normally distributes the fixtures around the end of March or April. We immediately post the fixture on all social networks and on our website

When it rains what does the club do?

Depending on the severity of the storms, if its an electric storm which is normally the case, the coaches will order the players to leave the field immediately. The golf course normally sounds the siren if the lightning is too close as well whereby the same drill is adopted.

What is the training schedule all about?

training is split in 3, fitness, skills development/techniques and the last 33% practicing the newly learnt skill/techniques.

What uniform do the players wear at training?

This year 2016 we are allowing the players to train in their own kits

What does the fees include?

Membership for the winter season as well as a full match kit

What happens if I leave my shin pads at home?

To train without shin pads is not allowed under any circumstances. This goes for matches as well.

Does the club have a loyalty program?

The Chairman and his committee are in talks to start with one in 2016

If my child comes to only one training session during the week, will he still be selected for the weekend match?

Yes, provided he has shown commitment and listen to instructions from the coach

Should my child miss an entire weeks practice, will he still be chosen to play the weekend match?

No, however he must make himself available in the event the team is short of players. Policy is no practice no game.

How is game time determined per child during game vs subs?

It is the intention to give each player equal game time however not all players can play all positions

Can my child challenge for other positions?

During training sessions players are welcome to interact with coaches and try other positions. If successful the player will be tried.