Responsibilities of Dainfern Lions FC

  • Confirm that the established rules and code of conduct is read, understood and used by all members.
  • Contribute to the overall social and technical football development of young people, as well as for sports training, through soccer practice.
  • Ensure player’s safety during all football related activities.
  • Ensure that all players have the opportunity to participate in a practice that is tailored to their individual capabilities.
  • Ensure we have a group of coaches with adequate training, patience and passed the courses we expect of a coach. Each coach will offer the best development of motor skills and also offer better understanding of the sport of Football (Soccer).

Code of conduct for players

The DLFC expects all players to meet the following recommendations:

  • The activities begin when the player enters the premises “on time” and ends when they leave the fields.
  • Equipment and facilities should be respected for the duration of the practice and games and preserved in the way it was found.
  • Players must respect all staff of DLFC.
  • They should seek to maintain a healthy spirit, helping the younger or less skilled colleagues, so that everyone can learn and that friendship and a positive environment is always present.
  • During all activities players must maintain a proper and orderly conduct, no swearing and tantrums are acceptable and smiles are always welcome.
  • Players to always dress according to the rules of the sport and to wear the appropriate boots, shin pads and kit.

Players Rights

  • Learning new content related to the football game.
  • Being treated like a child or young person and not as an adult.
  • Being able to play, socialize and have fun.
  • Take advantage of the lessons that football offers, socially and technically, to stay focused and positive to these lessons and to understand why Football is known as the beautiful game.

Role of Parents and their responsibilities

  • Keep off the field during practices and matches.
  • Not to coach their child during practice or matches, to rather leave this up to the Coaches and Refs.
  • Help and assist where the club needs.
  • Re-inforce the values of the Dainfern Lions Football Club with their children.
  • We encourage positive support by parents of their children and others.
  • At no time should the parents be making comments to the coaches in front of everyone. Should parents have comments, recommendations etc. they should take these up on a one on one basis specifically with the Head Coach.
  • It is important to keep harmony and synergy between the player, the coach and the parent and we encourage parents to assist the club in this.
  • In order to maximise player’s achievements Parents and Coaches must be effective and enforce what is expected of them if we want our kids to achieve – Education and Sports Success!
  • The Parents should help their children to manage the many factors arising from competitive experiences.
  • The support and interest from parents is crucial! Having young players be happy, brings out the best in everyone. The fundamental principles of the game must not be jeopardized by competitiveness. Positive attitude, behavior, communication, discipline, enthusiasm and fair play are all that’s needed to achieve this.
  • Positive and healthy signs from parents are the following:
  • Emphasis on performance, the way the child plays is more important than the result;
  • Rewarding work capacity and the effort made, before success;
  • Having the perspective that football is a game that can provide valuable preparation in later life;
  • Understand that football competition is complex and can generate pressure on an emotional level if managed incorrectly with the child;
  • Communicate positively with all players engendering self-confidence and independence;
  • Emphasize fair play (sportsmanship), ethics, personal development and a positive attitude towards others;
  • Reward and cheer a good move or effort and never show or voice negative comments towards a mistake.
  • Parents should look calm, determined, relaxed and positive when watching the games and practices. It is critical to understand and respect the coach’s responsibilities and decisions, to avoid communications that divert the attention of the player and promote confusion in their own learning process and decision. Avoid showing feelings such as anger, frustration or disappointment as they train or compete, being able to keep a sense of humor and have fun with the situation of a win or a loss. It is important to show sportsmanship and recognize teamwork, if a child scored a goal it’s because the team contributed and not just the end result, same as if a goal is conceded the team is responsible an not 1 individual who may have made a mistake