1. All players, parents/guardians undertake to be bound by the Rules, Regulations & By-laws Dainfern Lions Football Club and the Ruling bodies to which it may affiliate.
  2. Dainfern Lions Football Club appoint their professional team for the entire season and for this reason enrollment is for the full season. No price reductions of any nature whatsoever (e.g.: discontinued play, bad weather, sickness or injury, etc.) cannot be accepted.
  3. Every player is entitled to a 1 week free trial from date of application after which they are liable for the full subscription fees and will not be entitled a refund under any circumstances whatsoever. Payment is required on the 8th day, failing which the player will no longer be able to attend any practices or matches.
  4. Non-payment of any subscription fees and fines will result in suspension from Dainfern Lions FC and the withholding of any transfers until such time that all outstanding amounts have been paid.
  5. The player and/or parent/guardian acknowledges responsibility for payment of any fines that may be levied against the player or themselves, due to disciplinary action that may be held against them
  6. Enrollment to the Dainfern Lions Football club is at the players/parents/guardians own risk. The DLFC, its owners, suppliers, landlords, employees and coaches shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or loss of property.
  7. The Dainfern Lions Football Club expects all players to be physically prepared and capable of doing physical activities and therefore the player accepts any and all risks resulting from participation in the program
  8. All programs, activities and practice sessions are subject to change according to weather, calendar program and the number of players attending. We may have to cancel a program, activity or practice session due to reasons beyond the clubs control.
  9. To engender a professional reputation, all lessons and matches will be attended on time. Players must be dropped off and collected timeously for the mutual benefit of the entire team. Full club kit (shorts, shirt, socks, shin pad and soccer boots) will be worn to all practices and matches. All jewellery and visible piercings are not permitted due to the high risk of injury during play. Should the player not conform to this, the player will be excluded from the lesson/match without financial compensation.
  10. Absenteeism from practices and matches negatively affects the team and clubs performance and may impact the player’s team selection for future matches. Coaches and administration MUST be timeously advised by the parent should the player be unable to attend any practices and/or matches.
  11. Only the players are allowed to use the fields. The parents must stay outside off the pitch at all times. Parents are asked to refrain from communicating or interjecting during the course of a training session or match. Any comments or suggestions the parents wish to make should be discussed with the coach or head coach directly after the session.
  12. In the event of an emergency and the emergency contact not being available the player will be taken to the nearest available emergency rooms/hospital. The parent/guardian grants full proxy to the Team Manager/Coach to undertake any steps required in the event of the player requires urgent attention resulting from injury.
  13. The player/parent/guardian shall have no claim of any nature whatsoever against Dainfern Lions FC or any of its affiliations, officials, coaches and managers as a result of any injuries and/or illness and/or damages and/or death which the player and/or any other member of family or friends may sustain as result of any nature what so ever and hereby indemnify Dainfern Lions Football Club against any such claim. Any damage or loss of any material of Dainfern Lions FC will be charged to the person responsible.